words from the founder

Have you ever wondered who makes the Queen’s fortified cars? How some of the jewels of Tsarist Russia came to be part of the Windsor collection? Which renowned artists have had the rare chance to paint the monarch more than once? and what life is like for those close to the Crown? Well, Crown & Country Magazine possesses the answers to such questions. Beyond the hats, the carriages and state ceremonies, this publication is an in-depth explanation of what life is like within the world’s most popular, exciting, and classical monarchy. Crown & Country is the world’s ultimate Royal-themed luxury periodical – there is simply no other magazine like it!

Conceived as an investigative and factually educational approach to understanding the British monarchy, not a “Royal Rag”, our Royal themes are synonymous with luxury, sophistication, and intelligence; an unrivaled educational experience, which those close to the Crown have directly contributed to. Learn how the monarchy is self-funding through the profits of the Crown Estate, what it takes to be the head of all State Ceremonial for the Queen, with Garrison Sergeant Major, and what a day in the life of Her Majesty actually entails through the eyes of her personal team of dressers. With fascinating editorial and advertisements from Royal Warrant Holders, in addition, to never seen before photographs and rare Royal portraits gracing the cover, Crown & Country rises above any other magazine with Royal interest. As a quarterly publication, this unique and collectible coffee table creation will provide unparalleled insight, factual research, popular themes, and educational content relating to the Monarchy’s most interesting individuals, themes, and associated worldwide history.
The magazine appeals to various demographics much like the monarchy does, and showcases such exclusive affiliates such as Royal Warrant holders, world-renowned historians, Members of Parliament, and Royal portrait artists. The essence of this magazine is concentrated on the knowledge, education, interest, and passion of individuals heavily vested in the Crown, its meaning, and its captivating history; offering highly valued content in areas that no one has ever covered. Crown & Country has all of the components that will please the most discerning Royal enthusiast. I am not only proud of this publication, but I am absolutely positive that you will love this magazine as much as I do. Thank you for being a part of our Crown & Country family.