Frequently Asked Questions

The Founder of the British Monarchist Society originated and further developed the concept for Crown & Country Magazine. Thomas Mace-Archer-Mills truly believes in education and felt that a publication such as Crown & Country would further enhance the true and sometimes little-known education about the Crown, The Queen, and the Monarchy in general, in a fun and interesting way.

Crown & Country is not just another “Royal” publication. We produce a luxury academic journal that looks in depth at the themes and interests surrounding the British Crown and Royal family. This Magazine is not a gossip reader’s paradise, it is a true testament to the proper education about constitutional monarchy under the British Crown which Her Majesty wears. Crown & Country Magazine is your sour for true Royal news and themes. This publication contains non-expiring information and has a long shelf-life as a reference periodical, thus making it a truly a one-of-a-kind educational tool of Royal interest and theme.

The British Monarchist Society works with and has long-existing relationships with many external organisations as well as British politicians who help to advance education throughout the United Kingdom, the Realms, and beyond. The BMS has conceptualised and sponsored many different components of this magazine and has a large membership base who have and will continue to find this publication of interest. The Chairman of the BMS is also the Editor-in-Chief of this luxurious Royal academic journal and reference periodical.

Anyone can join the British Monarchist Society. Crown & Country readers are especially invited to become members if they are not already members who are enjoying the contents of this publication.

Yes. Due to the BMS, many offers are extended to this publication’s readership base. The BMSF solidifies many contributions to the magazine not only through academic works and relationships but also through the many relationships created for the benefit of its own members which carry over to the readership of Crown & Country magazine.

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