first issue

This inaugural issue of Crown and Country Magazine is sure to delight any historian, artist, traveler, photographer, and Royal watcher, in addition to those with a general interest in the British Monarchy. In exploring the current issue of Britain’s most luxurious Royal periodical, readers will enjoy the interesting and exciting contributions of not only our members and a team of writers, but such notable people and Patrons of the Society such as Dr. Carolyn Harris, Dr. Philippe Lagassé, Mr. Richard Stone – Royal Portrait Painter to Her Majesty and the Royal Family, Royal Warrant Holder – Rosemary Hughes and several other people of distinction. This year has seen Her Majesty celebrate another historic milestone as she became the longest-reigning Sovereign in British history, overtaking Queen Victoria for this coveted title.

Far away exotic Realms are waiting to be discovered within the pages of this publication, as well as several rich and cultural insights into what makes the United Kingdom and its relationship with the Crown so utterly special. From the comparisons between the length of reign between Queen Victoria and her great-great-granddaughter Queen Elizabeth II to the release of the new two-pound coin and the “Royal Face on Metal”, to the creation of Royal portraits and the tastings and flavours of Her Majesty’s Realms, Crown & Country will wet the palate of every reader with a sweet and savoury blend of intrigue, history and general Royal interest.

His Royal Highness, Prince Charles, also known to us as “The Green Prince” and his renewable initiatives are contained within the educational pages of this magazine, along with such interesting topics such as the way the Crown is funded in “Red Pennies: The Queen, Royal Finances and Who Foots The Bills”, how the modern Olympic games have involved and included many of Europe’s Royal Houses in “Royalty and the Modern Olympic Games” and the sporting interests and participants of our Royal family throughout history in “Sporting Sovereigns: The Royals at Play”. There are several contributions from Her Majesty’s Realms from Australia and Papua New Guinea which add an international flavour to this periodical from Her Majesty’s subjects across the globe.

Twenty-four unique articles are contained within this issue of Crown and Country Magazine, complete with contributions from Royal Chef, Rob Kennedy and his tasty creations in “From the Royal Kitchens…” and a series of wordsearch and crossword puzzles located on the last page, which are sure to stump the most knowledgeable of Royal enthusiasts. We are sure that each reader of this inaugural issue will be delighted with the article and topics contained within the pages of Crown and Country Magazine – “Britain’s Royal Themed Luxury Periodical”.

Crown and Country Magazine can be ordered directly from the website or found in reputable newsagents and fine retail outlets.

Current Issue Articles

• Monarchy Fit For Purpose
• Two Great and Historic Queens
• From The Royal Kitchens…
• A Queen and Her Subjects
• The Four Greatest Monarchs In Our History
• Her Majesty, The Queen’s Job Is
• it Warranted?
• Red Pennies: Royal Finances, The Queen and Who Foots The Bills
• Traditional Architecture for a Traditional Nation
• Charles: The Green Prince
• The Royal Face on Metal
• The Undiscovered Paradise
• Her Majesty’s Mysterious Realm
• Australian Youth Flock to the Monarchy
• The First and Last Queen of Canada
• Sporting Sovereigns
• Royalty and the Modern Olympic Games
• The British Monarchist Society
• A Royal Retirement: An Exclusive Interview
• You Say Goodbye and I say Hello
• A Royal Likeness
• Flowers For A King Who Fell In Battle
• The Mortuary Chests of Winchester Cathedral
• A Royal Remembrance
• A Royal Connection
• BMS Puzzle