Crown & Country Magazine possesses many important endorsements, especially those form Royals, Celebrities, and those close to The Crown. Such endorsements include those from:

  • His Majesty, King Alexander II of Serbia
  • His Highness Prince Mario-Max of Schaumburg- Lippe
  • Sinitta 

Editor-in-Chief, Thomas Mace-Archer-Mills, is seen with His Majesty, King Alexander II of Serbia at the Royal Palace, Belgrade. Thomas was a guest of the Serbian Royal family, where he presented them with a first edition inaugural copy of Crown & Country Magazine. Their Royal Highnesses were impressed by the quality and content of the publication as well as the photos and related Royal themes. The Crown Prince and Princess will be regular readers of this landmark publication and look forward to receiving their copies of the magazine at the Royal Palace, Belgrade, Serbia.

His Highness Prince Mario-Max of Schaumburg-Lippe is seen with a copy of Crown & Country Magazine close to his apartment in New York City. Prince Mario-Max is a Patron of both Crown & Country Magazine as well as the British Monarchists Society, and is a personal friend of our Founder and Editor-in-Chief. 

Sinitta, is an American-born British singer, songwriter, television personality, dancer, actress and record producer. She initially found commercial success in the mid-1980s with the single “So Macho” and had several other hits during the decade. Attending functions of the British Monarchists Society, Sinitta is a proud endorser of Crown & Country Magazine.