Editors Letter

“A Monarchy conducted with infinite wisdom and infinite benevolence is the most perfect of all possible governments”

Welcome to the inaugural issue of Crown & Country Magazine. We invite you to explore and enjoy the wide range of interests within this beautiful magazine which relates to the Constitutional Monarchy and more importantly, the British Crown. Crown & Country has been designed as an educational periodical that not only explains the position and workings of a crowned Head of State but supports the various reasons and beliefs as to why Constitutional Monarchy is the best form of governance for a people. It is with great hope and excitement that every reader will come away from this celebratory bumper issue with a renewed understanding of Constitutional Monarchy and a sense of gratitude for a system of governance that has defended and guaranteed the rights of Britain’s people for over eight hundred years.

In exploring the contents of this issue of Crown & Country, readers will enjoy the interesting and exciting contributions of not only our members and team of writers but such academic notables as Dr. Carolyn Harris, Dr. Philippe Lagassé, and other people of distinction. Exclusive interviews with those closest to The Crown such as the Garrison Sergeant Major and the Marshal of Her Majesty’s Diplomatic Corps. are contained within this inaugural edition. 2018 saw Her Majesty celebrate the Sapphire Jubilee of her Coronation, along with the centenary of the conclusion to WWI, during which the House of Windsor was founded. Other notable events saw the birth of H.R.H. Prince Louis of Cambridge, the marriages of H.R.H. Prince Harry to Ms. Meghan Markle, H.R.H Princess Eugenie to Mr. Jack Brooksbank, and the historic first-ever, Royal, the same-sex marriage of Lord Ivar Mountbatten, The Queen’s cousin, to Mr. James Coyle, as well as the seventieth birthday of The Prince of Wales. With such new and exciting occasions taking place in history, now is the appropriate time to launch Crown & Country Magazine for your enjoyment. With history continuously in the making, 2019 will certainly not disappoint those with a keen interest in Royal themes and associated subjects.

Far away exotic Realms are waiting to be discovered within the pages of this publication, as well as several rich and cultural insights into what makes the United Kingdom and its relationship with the Crown so utterly special. From the comparisons between the length of reign of Queen Victoria and her great-great-granddaughter Queen Elizabeth II, the “Royal Face on Metal”, to the true understanding of who pays the Royal bills, Crown & Country will wet the palate of every reader with a sweet and savoury blend of intrigue, history, and general Royal interest. We here at Crown and Country Magazine would like to introduce you most cordially to our explanation of Constitutional Monarchy, the British Royal family, and the long list of associate and partner companies which are sure to delight as you turn the pages of this new and glamorous publication. We trust that you will enjoy the contents, as well as support the purpose of this cultural and educational resource. We look forward to welcoming you not only as a regular reader but as an active and participating member of our Crown & Country family. God Save The Queen!

Yours sincerely,

Thomas Mace-Archer-Mills