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Crown & Country Magazine takes education very seriously and therefore we invite you to discover not only the history associated with the Royal family but the far away Realms and people associated with The Crown and the Royal family beyond the seas. Within every issue of Crown & Country Magazine, proper education about the British Monarchy abounds, teaching the true reasoning of and for the Monarchy to be in existence. Topics such as Royal finances and who truly funds the monarchy, the Crown’s unifying place in the nation, green initiatives by the Prince of Wales, and many more relevant topics are discovered within. Crown & Country Magazine has created the perfect blend of academic research, professional historical analysis, popular topics, and factual reporting to fully illustrate the positive attributes of not only the British Monarchy, but Her Majesty’s fifteen other realms in a modern 21st century.

Education Matters!

Crown & Country has been designed as an educational academic periodical that not only explains the position and workings of a crowned Head of State but supports the various reasons and beliefs as to why Constitutional Monarchy is the best form of governance for a people. It is with great hope and excitement that every reader will come away from this issue with a renewed understanding of Constitutional Monarchy and a sense of gratitude for a system of governance that has defended and guaranteed the rights of our people for over eight hundred years.

Truth Matters!

Living in the age of “Fake News” can be difficult, especially when educating about one of the most famous families in the world and the constitutional positions which they hold. Here at Crown & Country Magazine, we only work within the scope of truth and facts. Gossip, speculation, misinformation and purposely misleading the public for financial gain through the sale of magazines are not in the mantra or ethos of this publication. Readers can rest assured that every article and contribution is anchored in truth and fact to bring the proper education about various Royal personalities and themes to our readership.

The Queen’s Dominions

Crown and Country Magazine takes an in-depth look at foreign nations of which Her Majesty, The Queen is Sovereign. Within each issue, this publication will explore a new nation of which The Queen is Head of State. Her Majesty, The Queen is the Head of State of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and fifteen additional Commonwealth Realms. She is also the Head of State of sixteen Overseas Territories. Each nation of which Her Majesty is Queen has its own independent constitution and throne apart from that of the United Kingdom. Though she may be The Queen, her role and function are case-specific according to the laws and customs of each independent nation. Below are the nations and territories of which Her Majesty is Head of State.
Antigua and Barbuda
New Zealand
Papua New Guinea
Solomon Islands
St. Kitts and Nevis
St. Lucia
St. Vincent and the Grenadines