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If you would like to contribute to the editorial of Crown & Magazine, readers are encouraged to do so. Crown & Country magazine would like to know your thoughts about the magazine, the topics addressed, and the stories contained within the Magazine. This publication cares what its readers think and feel, so if you have a suggestion for an article, idea for contribution, or would like to submit an article, thought or feedback for possible inclusion in this magazine, please contact: 

Submission Guidelines:

Submissions for editorial must not exceed 750 words and must be Royal in theme, nature, and/or exploration. Crown and Country accepts and will consider any submission of this nature, but will not publish articles that are abusive, anti-monarchist, outrageous, rude, perverted, or insulting in nature. Should you wish to submit a work exceeding the number of words, please contact our editor: 

Submission Types:

Crown & Country Magazine likes to have fun! We will consider submissions including, but not limited to Editorial, Puzzle/Questions/Trivia, Letters to the Editor, and others. To submit your contribution please contact: